CMaps Analytics- Point and Click Location Intelligence

CMaps Analytics provides a complete suite of solutions for integrating geographic visualization and analytics into your Business Intelligence, commercial apps, mobile analytics, and other custom HTML5 solutions.

CMaps Analytics

Does your Analytics Strategy Need Maps?
We are here to help!

1. Combine business data and geography from different sources to create new insights

2. On-demand access to location and availability of assets, everywhere you go

3. Diagnostics to identify problems related to geography to accelerate decision making



Point and Click Maps Analytics

CMaps Designer for Google Maps for Work

Google Maps

Point and click map design that you can embed into your HTML5 analytics apps or enterprise portals. Have a commercial cloud app? No problem!

For SAP & SAP BusinessObjects

Plug and play CMaps Designer views directly inside of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, Mobile Dashboards, or HANA/Fiori Apps with SAP UI5.

For SAP Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius)

The plug and play maps extension that put CMaps Analytics on the map! Join hundreds of customers and thousands of users who utilize maps enabled dashboards.

Dashboard Tools: Plugins for SAP Dashboards ( Xcelsius )

Accelerate your dashboard development projects and dramatically improve performance

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  • Simplify dashboard development and maintenance
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Essentials Bundle

Import and export data from your dashboard without web services

Do you need immediate connectivity to legacy reporting tools or spreadsheets without re-publishing your dashboard?

  • Fast performance with minimal latency
  • Export data to your desktop or to clipboard
  • Connectivity without server install or web services
  • Flexible publishing and deployment options
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CSV Connector

Drag and drop maps for any geography in your dashboard

CMaps Analytics transforms the consumer maps experiences into a secured enterprise location intelligence tool without a reliance on expensive server software or coding. A true plug and play solution CMaps Analytics will enable your dashboard designers to inject drill-down for any global location from country down to address. Visualize any combination of assets, regions, and events aligned to your business data.

Now includes extensions for SAP Mobile App, Web Intelligence, and SAP Design Studio.

  • Flexibility to create analysis for any industry or line of business
  • Complete bundle including maps, plugin, and learning
  • No coding or mapping expertise required.
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Our Playground for New Plugin Ideas!

All of our labs creations were designed from 2009-2011 with the goal of assisting customers who expressed an interest in learning how to create custom components. We offer the source code under an MIT license, allowing you to use it within your own projects free of charge. All of the plugin components are available as Flex2 only.

Input Text Component + Filtered Summary = Auto-Fill Feature

Using Centigon Solutions Filtered Summary and our FREE input text component you can build powerful auto-fill selector capabilities right within you dashboard.
View Auto-Fill Example
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Basic DataGrid Component

Recently, a person new to the SDK asked how to create a custom read-only data grid component for Xcelsius.  Luckily, this is fairly easy to achieve with one read-only property integration with the SDK. This basic example could be extended to include style and selector functionality and can hopefully serve as a base for anyone interested in developing a custom grid. 
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Xcelsius / HTML5 Local Storage

HTML 5 is the future of web browsing experiences which will also eventually impact enterprise business intelligence. In its infancy stage, we have leveraged the local storage capabilities to enable Xcelsius to persist data using basic HTML5 features.
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DataShare Component

A commonly requested feature in SCDD custom components (formerly Xcelsius 2008) is the ability to share data between custom components, across separate SWF files. Usually, developers turn to Flash Vars or other methods of workaround, which present limitations and additional work.
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Multi-Select ComboBox

One of the most frequently-requested features in Xcelsius is the ability to select multiple items from a standard control, such as the Xcelsius Combo Box. This is currently not possible out of the box in Xcelsius 2008, though by applying the SDK and creating a custom Flex component, we can quickly fill in this basic gap. 

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Dynamic ComboChart

As part of a small series that works through building a custom component, from demonstrating very basic functionality to more advanced and detailed property sheet integrations, the Dynamic ComboChart is an on-going project driven by community suggestions. 

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