Essentials Bundle for SAP Dashboards

Work smarter and improve performance

Get "Essential" toolkit chosen by over 1000 SAP Dashboards and Xcelsius Developers

Essentials Bundle for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) will enable your organization to produce business intelligence dashboards faster and cheaper than ever before. The "Essential" developer productivity toolkit, Essentials Bundle is designed to accelerate dashboard development and maintenance while improving performance.

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Essentials Bundle

Streamline your Dashboard Development Project

Essentials Bundle is a developer toolkit directly integrated inside of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Dashboard design. Developers can can drag and drop powerful data filtering, aggregation, sorting, and design aesthetics. Replace Excel logic and reduce the number of BI Queries leading to increased dashboard performance and a significant reduction in development time.

What the Experts are Saying...

"This high value, tightly pack toolbox is hands down one of the most cost effective add ons for Xcelsius. Jumpstarting your dashboard project just has never been so easy."

- Mico Yuk, Founder of EverythingXcelsius and BI Dashboard Formula


"Essentials Bundle has become my secret sauce which enable me while cooking with Xcelsius to imagine more, think bigger, and scale up to an extent not previously possible."

Jerry Rassamni, President, Pulse IQ


Included Components

  • Filtered Summary

    Replace Excel Logic

    Filtered Summary

    Drag and drop robust aggregation capabilities into your dashboard, and replace redundant logic and queries.
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  • Background Builder

    Create Beautiful Design

    Background Builder

    Create unlimited combinations of sleek, beautiful graphics leading to professional looking dashboard aesthetics.
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  • Dynamic Sort

    Sort and Rank Data

    Dynamic Sort

    Introduce dynamic sorting and ranking capabilities, alleviating any need for complex logic.
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  • Input Manager


    Input Manager

    Provide a new level of control for complex calculators and ‘what-if’ analysis within a dashboard.
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Seeing is Believing

Essentials Bundle saved hours of painful logic and formula manipulation, photoshop manipulation, and provided the performance boost to create compelling analysis.