CSV Connector for SAP Dashboards

Import and Export Data with Ease

CSV Connector for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design provides direct connectivity to data files with point and click simplicity. CSV connector is the perfect solution for organizations that need quick and simple connectivity to data with minimal investment and infrastructure.

  • Fast performance with minimal latency
  • Export data to your desktop or to clipboard
  • Connectivity without server install or web services
  • Flexible publishing and deployment options
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CSV Connector is an add-on data connection allowing developers to load data directly from a comma separated files (CSV) into a dashboard. In addition to loading data, CSV Connector provides a basic layer of logic for filtering and data aggregation. Developers can now quickly introduce live data into a dashboard without any server processes or web services.

CSV ExportNew Data Export Components

With Flex 4 platform support, CSV Connector now offers a a new data export component, allowing business users to copy data to their clipboard or export data to their desktop with no server software required.

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One low price for all versions of SAP Dashboards and Xcelsius

For SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius Enterprise)- $249

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Purchase includes 1 single named user / developer license for internal dashboard development and deployment. CSV Connector license places no restrictions on the number of dashboard end users or servers where you publish content.

Q: What is CSV Connector ?
A: CSV Connector is a simple solution for loading live data into an Xcelsius dashboard from any system. Whether you schedule a daily CSV export from a legacy system, or manually update a CSV file with numbers, CSV connector can access and load the data without any server-side scripts or web services.

Q: What version of Xcelsius or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design do I need?
A: CSV Connector will work with all versions of Xcelsius 2008 and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, EXCLUDING the following versions:
-Xcelsius 2008 Present
-SAP Crystal Presentation Design

Q: Why doesn't CSV Connector include export web services?
A: UPDATE NOV 2012- CSV Connector no longer relies on any web services for exporting. The previous versions of CSV Connector did include an Export Tab which has been replaced with Export Components.

Over the last few years we have seen a wide range of export requirements for multiple platforms. Rather than trying to cater to every possible combination, we provided basic services that perform the basic export functionality required by many customers and provide the source code free of charge to anyone who wants to extend it for specific business needs. We put any code we release to the public through quality assurance, ensuring you have a solid, reliable architecture. We will continue to maintain and contribute to this open source project.

Q: Do I need to install any server-side software? 
A: To load CSV data, you do not need any server-side software. CSV Connector will load and export data directly from a flat file.

Q: How do I install the software in Xcelsius ?
A: CSV Connector is delivered as an XLX file. For step by step installation instructions, view our learning center.

Q: Where do I access the connection in Xcelsius ?
A: Once you have successfully installed CSV Connector beta, it is accessible in the "Data Manager" Export Component is located in the "Other" tab in the components window.

Q: Can I connect to CSV files on my local computer ?
A: Though the Xcelsius development environment may enable you to test loading files on your local file system, Flash security policy settings can block you from loading data from your local file system from a published SWF. The preferred deployment scenario is when the CSV file(s) are accessible via HTTP, meaning the CSV files should be placed on a web/application server like IIS, Tomcat, etc. More detailed instructions are provided in this configuration tutorial.

Q: Does it provide the same exact refresh options like other connections ?
A: CSV Connector provides all of the refresh options as any other Xcelsius connection. There are a few Xcelsius framework integration limitations for CSV Connector. The following common connection options are currently NOT available with CSV Connector

  • Connection Refresh Button
  • Loading Icon
  • Load Status property

Q: What happens to special characters ?
Because Xcelsius can not interpret special characters as values, loaded from live data sources, CSV files should not contain special characters like %. $, or ",". If these characters are included with the data in your CSV file, Xcelsius will interpret them as text.

To lookup what version # of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards or Crystal Dashboard Design you are running, go to the Help Menu and then press "About ..."

CSV Connector v3.0

Product   Version #- View Help>About

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design & SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and greater

Adobe Flash player 10.3 and greater
Install Disk Space: 2 MB

CSV Connector v2.0.4

Product   Version #- View Help>About
Xcelsius 2008   5.2, 5.3

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

5.4, 5.5, 6.0 up to

Adobe Flash player 9 and greater
Install Disk Space: 2 MB