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  • Location Intelligence for your mobile SAP Dashboards

    New HTML5 publishing adds drag and drop location analytics to your mobile dashboards.

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  • Your next generation of Location Analytics is finally here!

    New version 4 turbo charges your location analytics on in your browser and mobile device.

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    CMaps Analytics ( formerly GMaps Suite )

CMaps Analytics Suite for SAP BusinessObjects

SAP Dashboards

Location Intelligence for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Instant geo visualization embedded right inside of your business intelligence dashboards.

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SAP Mobile App

Location Intelligence for SAP Mobile BI

Consumer friendly Google Maps experience with powerful geo-visualization inside of your existing mobile dashboards.

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Web Intelligence

Location Intelligence for SAP Web Intelligence

CMaps Analytics and WebI together at last. With BI4, your business users gain geographic analysis directly inside of your Business Intelligence reports.

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Design Studio

Location Intelligence for SAP Design Studio

CMaps Analytics and APOS Dashboard Migrator for Design Studio provide instant embedded geo-analytics inside of your next generation BI Apps for SAP.

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Embedded Location
Analytics Everywhere!

Introducing CMaps Analytics Designer:

Point and click geo-visualization for
your business and mobile analytics Apps

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